Upturn, the book

€ 29,95

UPturn, the book, leaves no stone unturned. This special first edition by eight individual authors, with a personal note from one of them: Justine Kluen, makes for the perfect gift, be it for yourself or for your loved ones. The book, a hard cover, is an English version of a series of UPturn books that will highlight the UPturn in peoples lives. Justine shares canditly about her own UPturn and the effect it has had on her life. The participation in the creation of the book with seven other authors was a journey in itself and has led Justine to believe that the power of eight was truly present!

If you have an Upturn you wish to share with the world, do get in touch with the team behind the Upturn authors! 

Justine shares in the video clip about her own Upturn at the book launch Friday June 23rd 2019 in Amsterdam, where she frantically looked for her mom and her scripted talk got overruled by life itself!



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Rob Aalders

Talar Bogharian Partiyan

Jannie van den Boogaard

Henna Charry

Marieke Frankema

Debby Jaenicke

Justine Kluen

Natasa Sirnik